Season 01: NFT for early subscribers

w1nt3r.eth was born in 2021 during the NFT summer.

While everyone around was chasing the hottest drops, I was captivated by the beauty of the underlying technology. Ethereum turned me from a crypto-skeptic to a big believer in the decentralized future.

But most NFTs at the time didn’t use even 1% of what Ethereum can do. I kept digging deeper. Every project I work on tries to show the world what’s possible. Push the boundaries. Demonstrate the beauty and elegance of Ethereum.

Runes are NFTs for the most skilled, Watchfaces are beautiful on-chain SVGs that adapt to their owner, SNOW is inventing a living art form, 1MPX is an experiment in a fair, permissionless canvas, EVM course is a bold approach to teaching.

I build all my projects in the open. I want to share the joy of making novel things with like-minded people. My highest reward is seeing others inspired to make something very cool.


If you believe in pushing the boundaries & building in the open, please subscribe to my blog on Mirror. Early subscribers can mint a free, limited-edition NFT during the next 10 days.

WINTΞR Season 01 NFT is a way to show your support, a reminder for our future selves about how early we were today.

We are just getting started.

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